About Us

Orbit Optotech Inc. began in 2006. Throughout the years, the company has developed many innovative products with our OEM/ODM partners along with providing customers with product and system knowledge to accomplish various landmark lighting projects throughout the world.

Orbit Optotech Inc, together with its partners are committed to developing lighting solutions that creates visual experiences in architectural and entertainment. The simplicity of our products with "build your own" features enables customers to create custom solution design for any lighting application. In addition to that, our lighting system offers "plug-and-play" features that is very user-friendly during installation. Manufacturing quality products is also a key focus of the company. Orbit Optotech Inc. is an ISO9001 accredited company with its own manufacturing facility in Taipei, Taiwan.

Our commitment to product design, product quality, and system knowledge will enable us to continue to support our worldwide partners in the architectural and entertainment industry.