Color Cell

Color Cell panels can be used individually or in groups to create unique and creative lighting designs on walls or ceilings.

Lumen Output        240 lm (Standard)
Lumen Output        120 lm (Optional)
Dimensions  198mm x 198mm x 58mm
Power Consumption  8.9 W
Rated Life  50,000 Hrs.
Color Control  16 bits
Communication Protocol  DMX512
LEDs Per Fixture  64 Standard/32 Optional
Weight  800 grams
Beam Spread  120 degrees
Housing  Aluminum
Housing  White Acrylic Lens
Standard Lead in Cable 200mm
Pitch Options  Max. 1.5 m
Operating Temperature minus  - 20℃ ~ + 50℃ 
Voltage  DC 36V
Warranty  1 year
Standards  EC ROHS
Environment  IP65
Model Numbers
Color Cell Premium 64 RGB IP-65 0B5-C1FW-R64
Color Cell 64 RGB IP-65 0B5-C1FW-C64
Color Cell Premium 32 RGB IP-65 0B5-C1FW-R32
Color Cell 32 RGB IP-65 0B5-C1FW-C32
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