T-Connector is a male and female T-shaped connector. The T-connector is compatible with all Orbit Product lines and can be used when additional power is required on long strings of LED fixtures.   

Cable UL2517,18AWGx2C
Ring Nut Brass,Nickel Plated
O-Ring Viton
Contact Brass,6μ” Gold Plated
Connector Nylon+GF,M12 
Weight  75 grams
Housing  Nylon+GF
Operating Temperature minus  - 20℃ ~ + 50℃ 
Humidity  10 ~ 95 % RH
Warranty  1 year
Standards  EC ROHS
Environment  IP66
Model Numbers
T connector (4-pin) A4-Y02FXXXX-MT
T connector (5-pin) A4-Y05Z2G3C-M